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Why we exist...

​Men are crucial to families, children, communities and the church. Yet research is showing that a majority of men feel disconnected, lonely, hopeless and disrespected in our culture. Depression and suicide among men is growing at an alarming rate.  We are losing our men in our homes, churches and communities.​

We MUST do something different in the way we try to reach and engage men in our communities and churches. What we are doing currently, is not enough. we are excited to share with you the beginning of a new​,​ ​simple, but effective way to reach, empower and unite men in the River Region.​

​Our ​strategy​ ​in Montgomery ​is being launched after ​careful research, observation of what's working in other areas. We found a Monthly Men's Gathering "in the woods" of South Alabama that has a proven track record in effectively reaching men​ with a simple but effective strategy​. Old School Men's Meeting outside Andalusia has been meeting since 2014 and now has over 200+ men attending each month. As a result, men are being connected, families restored and numerous churches are seeing men coming to them for help and support. 

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